“One of the most enriching experiences I have encountered!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

My adventure in Nepal had to be one of the most enriching experiences I have encountered in my life. Nepal is a country rich in culture and breath-taking landscapes but it is the people are who have left an imprint to remember for a lifetime. Appreciating the generosity and kindness of everyone taught me so many valuable lessons. Living a simple life, you can feel their happiness around you, especially the children who you are there to volunteer with. Enjoying their curiosity towards you and hunger to learn about the world motivates you to give it your best. Not only you value them but they value your efforts as well.

The fullfilment of seeing happy faces in a classroom is priceless. I went with the intention on giving and hoping to teach, but I believe I was the one who learned the most. From their playfulness to the dedication of their studies, you can appreciate that these are special children with huge hearts that we should all learn from.

I leave the monastery but as a new person, knowing that life is a gift and happiness is all a state of mind. These children are proof of unity and love. Simply admirable and to whoever is interested in this volunteer program, I highly recommend it. This experience will change you as it did for me.